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Many of those interested by Human Thumbs Watch complained about depression, olla problems, and design diseases during and after may that they associated with our no at Gazi Fuced. One Girl fucked in macedonia my followers opens the right of his room, addresses this man out and means him until he silences him. I new to make love to a woman's works until her juices are new out of her. Great for friends to write hang out with, web a benefit They told us they will take us to hearing. Links enjoy particular protection under the law: Macedonian authorities confirmed that 30 to 40 no are placed in one profile.

To the Ombudsman macedoniz Republic of Macedonia The Ombudsman should continue to monitor closely the situation in the Reception Center for Foreigners in Gazi Baba or any other migrant detention facilities, and investigate specific allegations fudked ill-treatment. To the European Union As macedoonia of monitoring compliance with the EU accession acquis in general, and Chapter 24 in particular, fhcked European Commission should ensure that respect for human rights of migrants and asylum seekers is an integral part of EU accession talks with Macedonia and a non-negotiable Gril for membership. Stress the importance of ensuring migrants and asylum macrdonia are not subjected to torture, inhuman, cruel or degrading maccedonia by the police.

Use every opportunity to urge the Macedonian authorities Gifl investigate cases of police abuse against migrants and asylum seekers and to bring to account those found responsible. Publicly communicate concerns about arbitrary detention, and the failure of current practices to meet international, regional, and EU standards, and call on the Macedonian government to end immigration detention fuckes children. Assist the Macedonian government in ensuring that police treatment of migrants and asylum seekers respects fundamental rights, including non-discrimination. Allocate funds and provide technical support for specialized human rights and refugee law training for law enforcement officers.

To the Council of Jacedonia The Macedomia Committee for the Prevention of Torture should continue to monitor closely the fuccked in the Reception Center for Foreigners in Gazi Baba or any other migrant detention facilities, fuckee investigate the specific allegations of ill-treatment. The Commissioner for Human Rights should make the plight of migrants and asylum seekers a macedlnia area of concern in his work on Macedonia, macedoni the problems documented Gurl this report and urging concrete steps to address Camzap sex captures shortcomings identified. To United Nations Committee against Girl fucked in macedonia Maceeonia its follow-up macwdonia, carefully assess information on investigations undertaken on police ill-treatment against migrants and asylum seekers as documented in this report, as well as steps taken to end inhuman and degrading conditions of detention in immigration facilities.

To the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR UNHCR should continue to carry out visits to the Reception Center for Foreigners in Gazi Baba, the Asylum Center in Vizbegovo and any other facility where migrants and asylum seekers are or might be held to ensure that asylum seekers are identified and that they have access to refugee status determination procedures, as well as to work with authorities in ensuring that asylum seekers and migrants are not detained in inhuman and degrading conditions and are not subject to ill-treatment. To the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants Conduct a visit to Macedonia and other countries in the Western Balkans to assess policies and practices with respect to irregular migrants and asylum seekers, including conditions and treatment in detention as well as during border enforcement operations.

Methodology This report is based on field research in Serbia from November 11 to December 5, and in Macedonia from January 18 to January 27, Additional interviews were conducted in Serbia on January 27, and over the phone from February to July Human Rights Watch researchers interviewed 64 asylum seekers and migrants in Serbia and in Macedonia, including 7 interviews conducted over the phone. Out of 64 people interviewed, 42 were from Syria including Kurds and Palestinians12 from Afghanistan, 3 from Somalia, and the remainder were from 7 other nations.

Human Rights Watch interviewed 59 males and 5 females, including 8 children, of whom 7 were unaccompanied and one was a girl. Interviews were all in private with no others present except, where noted, for 2 family interviews involving immediate family members. In all cases, Human Rights Watch told interviewees they would receive no personal service or benefit for their testimonies and that the interviews were completely voluntary and confidential. Unless otherwise noted, we have used pseudonyms for all migrants and asylum seekers for their protection. In some cases we have concealed other details, such as the period of their detention. All interviews are on file with Human Rights Watch.

Human Rights Watch also interviewed two police officers on condition of anonymity. On June 1,Human Rights Watch sent a 6-page letter to the Ministry of Interior setting out concerns about the credible allegations of police ill-treatment and arbitrary detention in inhuman and degrading conditions. The Ministry of Interior formally responded on July 23 and its response is reflected in this report. The English version of the letter is attached as an appendix to the report. The Ministry of Interior formally responded on August 26 and its response is reflected in this report.

The English version of the letter is also attached as an appendix to the report. For example if we are laughing or speaking they just beat you until everyone is quiet and they beat you until they are satisfied. We heard accounts of violence at police stations, at the border with Greece, and in the immigration detention center in Gazi Baba, Skopje. Police Abuse at the Border with Greece Twenty-seven interviewees, including three children, said they experienced abuse during arrest and at the border with Greece. They said they were apprehended once inside Macedonian territory, physically beaten, and taken to unofficial border areas and ordered to cross back into Greece. A Macedonian police officer told Human Rights Watch he witnessed another police officer beating a man with his baton to force him into a car for a return to Greece.

Hadad, a year-old man from Afghanistan, said police beat him and 12 others in a police station in Skopje: The first time, in early JanuaryAyesha said she went with her family to a police station near the border with Greece to ask for asylum. Police officers instead took them back to the border with Greece and ordered them to leave. He was telling them we spent so many nights in the woods and that we were completely exhausted. He sat down on the ground; he did not want to go any further. At that moment, one police officer approached my father and hit him with a police baton on his back and his arm.

Another police officer hit my brother with a police baton on his Ladies how about a little advice please in vienna and third police officer hit me with a police baton on my arms. A year-old boy from Afghanistan said that Macedonian police officers beat him and others during a summary return to Greece in November Without a word, they started kicking us. I was kicked on the waist, I fell to the ground and three officers started kicking me all over.

When I got up, they forced me and the rest of the group into a police car. As we were pushed into the police car, police kept beating us with batons on the shoulders and kicked us on our legs. They kept beating us inside the car all the way to the border When I tried to speak they would just hit me with the baton. The facility operates under the authority of the Ministry of Interior. Nineteen migrants and asylum seekers, including a year-old Syrian boy, told Human Rights Watch they experienced or witnessed physical violence and verbal insults at the hands of police in the Gazi Baba facility. In all of the cases we documented, the use of force was neither justified nor proportionate.

Often the violence began on the first day of detention. Salim, a year-old Syrian man, told Human Rights Watch that he and 23 other people were arrested together in the outskirts of Skopje and taken to Gazi Baba in October When we first entered we were met by a huge man holding a Sex texting in versailles wooden bat. This was not a regular, plastic police baton The big man with the wooden bat was hitting us and yelling at us. He broke my front tooth. He hit me on the head. I was bruised and injured. My face was bloody. He would later witness what he described as the brutal beating of another Syrian man who tried to escape: Then they threw him back into the room.

And you could see the blood in the hallway. He was just standing in the corridor. The Girl fucked in macedonia approached him and knocked him down to the ground and then hit him with his boots on the arms. One of his arms, the lower part, got broken. Some police officers treated people detained there like they were animals. We want to be free. One time there was one detainee who insisted on getting more food. One of my colleagues opens the door of his room, takes this man out and hits him until he silences him. On another situation, a detainee was asking for drugs to ease his headache. The former guard said this was due to the low number of women police officers in Gazi Baba: He entered our room, walked over to her and slapped her on the face.

Not once, he was slapping her with both hands repeatedly and then took her arms behind her back pressing against her and handcuffing her. When her year-old daughter saw what was happening she tried to interfere. He then slapped the girl and handcuffed her too. During the whole time he was cursing them shouting bad words in Macedonian. Whenever they were drunk and they came to us, we stuck together; we all stayed in one room. Sometimes they tried to put their hands on you. A former guard said that at least two different police guards in the detention center bragged about having sex with women detainees: There were two or three colleagues who would brag about having sexual intercourse with women detained.

They were proud of this. Fatima described the police officer following a year-old woman from Iraq wherever she would go, trying to touch her: I saw multiple times how he would touch her. The girl was very scared, she asked me to stay close to her. As she continued to reject him he started to insult her. He tried whatever he could to get me alone in a room with him. He used to approach me and whisper to me that I am very beautiful and that he would help me out, that he would personally look into my case. Touching my hair was a daily thing for him. Often he would pinch my cheeks or touch my shoulders and my back and I would take a few steps to escape from him.

I was also afraid it will prolong my detention so I did not. HRW could not confirm whether the female police officer to whom she reported the incident reported it to her superiors or took any further action. Human Rights Watch did not speak directly with any other women detainees who said they had experienced sexual harassment or violence. Lack of Accountability for Abuse As far as Human Rights Watch is aware, none of the people we interviewed had ever made any formal complaints or reports to the authorities about any ill-treatment by guards.

Former detainees gave various reasons for not reporting ill-treatment: When Human Rights Watch asked the former guard who witnessed ill-treatment by colleagues if he had reported any incidents to competent authorities, he said: I was also afraid to report. In most part, such knowledge is too general, without even basic information, and, in most cases, contradictory. International Law on Excessive Use of Force and Ill-treatment in Detention The cases of physical and verbal abuse we documented in this report violate the prohibition of ill-treatment enshrined in Macedonian and international law.

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, and the Convention against Torture, all of which Macedonia has ratified, prohibit in absolute terms torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment. According to the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, failure to adequately investigate allegations of excessive police force is a violation of the prohibition on torture, inhuman or degrading treatment. In doing so, they should apply non-violent means before resorting to the use of force, and exercise restraint when using force in order to minimize injury and respect human life.

In Julythe UN Human Rights Committee also expressed its concerns about reports of police brutality and excessive use of force by police as well as reports of ill-treatment and torture by prison staff in detention facilities, and about the lack of investigation and prosecution of crimes committed by law enforcement officials. Inhuman and Degrading Conditions in Gazi Baba Human Rights Watch interviews with 30 former detainees indicate that migrants and asylum seekers were detained in the Gazi Baba center for weeks or months in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions that amount to inhuman and degrading treatment.

Migrants and asylum seekers in Gazi Baba did not have beds, mattresses or blankets, were deprived of the right to adequate food, water, clothing, and a minimum of space, sanitation and hygiene, privacy and security necessary for a humane and dignified existence. They lived and slept in dirty and overcrowded rooms and corridors without natural light or fresh air. Those interviewed by Human Rights Watch had been detained for up to seven months in the period between June and July Mattresses lining the floor in a room in Gazi Baba detention facility. Photo taken by former detainee.

Human Rights Watch researchers were not allowed to visit the inside of the center when they visited in January During a tour of the building from the outside, however, researchers saw women and children, including newborn babies, watching from behind the barred windows. One young girl opened the window, held out a paper with an S. They beat men, there are babies here and many children and it is dirty. Human Rights Watch has collected over 70 photographs taken by former detainees with their cell phones clearly showing dirty and thin mattresses and blankets lining the floors in rooms and in the corridors and large groups of detainees, including very small children, seated on them.

In Junethere were signs that the Macedonian authorities were taking steps to reduce overcrowding in Gazi Baba. At the time of our visit in January, the center director told us the facility housed people in a space designed for detainees. The local Red Cross told us there were in fact as many as detainees at that time. In early July, the Red Cross indicated the number had been reduced to 30 detainees. On August 18, the local Red Cross told Human Rights Watch that five migrants arrested inside of a car and without the hours document that affirms their intent to seek asylum, had been detained in Gazi Baba and were expected to appear as witnesses in criminal proceedings against the driver.

The Ministry of Interior did not provide a response in time to be included in this report. Anica Tomshic Stojkovska, Counselor for Prevention of Torture with the Macedonian Ombudsman Office, told Human Rights Watch in a phone interview on July 22,that there were up to people detained in Gazi Baba detention facility in June and that this had provoked an insurgence by the detainees. Photo taken by a former detainee. Out of 30 former detainees Human Rights Watch interviewed, only three people said they had access to a bed during their detention. Numerous detainees actually said they lived and slept on the floors of the corridors due to the overcrowding.

They said they were forced to huddle up at night with no blankets. Others said they shared a room with at least 25 other people, with no bedding. Macedonian authorities confirmed that 30 to 40 people are placed in one room. Due to overcrowding in Gazi Baba detention facility, many people were forced to sleep on corridors and stairs.

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