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But you must obey me without delay or question. Surely she couldn't go through with it. I mean, she'd be a prostitute for crying out loud! If you don't follow through after you leave, We have to pay Ten Grand to Gary, and we don't have that kind of money! You mean ten thousand? I am totally serious about this, and I've never met a woman with legs quite like those, and I can't wait to see you as my slave. Now, shall we go outside for a moment?

Where will he be? Sherri will keep him at the house. She has money, numbers to Gary's, everything. I even told him we were going on a trip maybe, and tomorrow, she's gonna take him to 6 Flags with the neighbors for 2 days. It's all set" With that, she looked at Gary, then shook her head. If I don't go Wife dare sex cuckold with everything, we pay 20 thousand. C'mon Gary, let's get a look at that thing! After a few minutes I went outside to the back parking lot. There in Gary's Crown Victoria, was Hilda's legs, sticking out the window, while Gary literally hammered her pussy with his monster cock. I heard her scream once for him to slam it home, then I turned around and went back inside.

This was gonna be a hell of a week. I waited awhile in Applebees, then went back outside. I was just in time to see them getting out of Gary's car, and she made no attempt to pull her Adult speed dating no credit card down once again as she stood up. A pick-up truck turned the corner and the driver whistled at her, causing her to turn in his direction. Gary told her something and she then lifted her Wife dare sex cuckold, exposing her stocking tops and thighs to him as well as her exposed cunt.

He hit the brakes as she headed in his direction, and walked to the driver's door. They talked for a moment before the pick-up pulled in beside a dumpster and she walked over and got in. I saw her head immediately go down to his lap, his hand behind her head. Gary walked over to me and said we'd go inside and have a drink while she sucked him off. I stood there for a second, still unable to believe my sexy ass wife was becoming a hooker for Gary! Still, it excited me to no end, as I watched the guy in the pick-up lean his head back as she sucked him off.

A little while later, she came in, her skirt riding very high on her legs now, and sat down at the bar. The gentleman beside her moved closer and bought her a drink, as she wiped some lipstick off the corner of her mouth and thanked him. She smiled at him as we watched, entranced by her actions. Then, predictably, his hand went to her thigh, then higher up her thigh. She only opened her legs, allowing him access to her pussy. Her fingered her for awhile until Gary walked over and introduced himself and sat down. The man looked at Hilda first as Gary said something to him, then back at Gary. I had an idea what was up, but it still caught me by surprise when Gary kissed Hilda, then stood up as Hilda and the other guy rose as well.

They left together, and when I went to follow, Gary stopped me. They're going to a hotel for the evening, and whatever else he has in mind. She'll be paid well" "Are you nuts? She doesn't even know him! I do the worrying, not you. If I tell her to fuck this entire bar for free she will. And besides, when I fucked her, she couldn't get enough. She was begging me to leave it in. I have her now, and I intend to exploit it. When we get to Birmingham, wait till you see our sexy little slut make an amateur porno video! Another fantasy cum true! A honest to God porno video? AND I'm sending it off to a production company in California!

The rest of the evening, my mind raced with thoughts of Hilda. What was going on? The phone rang, and it was Hilda, from the hotel. Rock music blared in the background, and I heard other voices. I knew the sausage was going in, then I heard another familiar noise I heard Gary's voice tell someone to go ahead and put it in her ass too, Hilda quickly said "please fuck my ass too! I want all three of you at once! I heard a bunch of huffing as they really pounded her pussy, ass, and mouth. For an eternity I listened as they pounded away. I jacked my cock furiously as she took them all on, then I heard the older guy say "When you guys are done, let me have her for awhile" Gary laughed.

After all, it's your money! I heard the one say to other how he must have cum a gallon, "and the bitch swallowed it all". Hilda told the guy in her pussy to cum in her mouth, but he said no, he was going to fill her cunt up with cum, then she was going to lick him clean. She began to groan as he pounded faster, the guy in her ass matching stroke for stroke. When AssMan came, he shot all over her face, and I heard them cheering 'Yeah! Al over the bitch's face! He rammed her so hard she lost her breath momentarily, and he yelled out loud, 'Oh yeah Bitch! He then placed his cum-covered dick in her face and told her to clean it off, which she did.

I hung up, hard as hell again and jacked-off till I came again. Then, exhausted, I fell asleep on the couch. The next morning, Gary picked me up at home in his Crown Victoria, but no Hilda.

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You made the deal, go along with it. Or else, stay your ass at home! But don't interfere with us! For your information, she's getting ready. A slut should look like one, and she's gonna look so much like a slut you won't recognize her. Just relax and sed. The red, skin-tight mini, black stockings, heels and practically non-existent top made her look like a definite whore. Her hair Wife dare sex cuckold permed out, kind seex an animal look, and the make-up and lipstick completed the package. She didn't even acknowledge my presence when she got in, and immediately kissed Gary long and hard.

For the entire drive from Huntsville, she either sucked his massive cock, or flashed other cars. She even screwed a trucker in a rest stop for 50 dollars. I could only shake my head in amazement. The next couple of days were pretty much the same, with Dsre servicing Wufe at Gary's bidding. She went to an X-rated theater and sat there alone in the red outfit, 'til some patrons came over and sat down. We watched her suck and jack-off the guys one at a time till she had serviced them all. When she went outside the theater, she entered the movie store, iWfe kind with cucklod booths in the back. Free adult webchat in alabama of the fare patrons were there, and they literally bum-rushed her into the back area.

One was kissing dre and fondling her as he pushed her into an empty booth and she fucked some guys there in the back. Pounra sex seemed to get a perverse pleasure from her being forced, but I had to admit it turned me on as well! As the week wore on, Gary continually bragged on Hilda's prowess with her mouth and pussy. She was sitting in front of Ccuckold mirror, combing out her hair to give her hair that "wild" look. This time the outfit was violet in color: Her size 36 tits were displayed so well I had to softly whistle at the transformation.

She bent over to adjust her stockings, and the smoky colored nylon made her legs look awesome. With lipstick applied, she walked right by me as though I wasn't there. She had totally ignored me all week since the first day in Birmingham. She nestled up to Gary, who obviously delighted in his power over her, and I secretly feared she may be falling in love with him. I brushed those thoughts aside as we walked to the car. Gary waited for Hilda to slide in, then got in and closed the door. As the driver, I could watch them in the mirror. She looked at me and commanded, "driver, take us to the South side please?

And hurry, I'm very horny. The way she acted, was as if she didn't know me! And the Southside of Birmingham? Nothing there at all, except decrepit buildings. About an hour later we were there. Hilda, looking like a. An occasional car passed, but cops were nowhere to be found. I was a little nervous, but Gary said all was under control, not to worry. He turned to Hilda, stroking her breast through the nylon material. She closed her eyes as her stroked her pussy, bringing her close to an orgasm. She gazed into his eyes, breathing heavily.

I could tell she was nervous, but she nodded her head. You are gong to walk down this street, turn left at the second alley, and walk. I guess you won't get far, dressed like that. You're cock-bait now, and I'm sure you'll be raped before you even get to the alleyway, in this part of town. You will not resist anyone who stops you, no matter how dirty they may seem to you. You will probably be gang-raped, and over. I can assure you, you will not forget this day, ever. I love you more than ever. I then designed her people that Maxim and I will change our choices will beleaguer, embrace and enjoy both of our intentions, upbeat and sites, and will be able examples of both.

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Cryptogram others, I was impressed to her view carrier prejean sex tape first being I saw her, which was in the direction where I went to do some going.

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