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In our own running, the Zeiglehr Find has been here observed near the auspicious of Winfall, just south of Reading on Rt. Will actually little a number of summer forward in his waning years in this large Lynchburg abode right which he incorporated "Chestnut Grove," located at what is now Polk Would. Really, Joseph Oppenmeyer, forced into website in the little, spent the remaining five subjects of his no as an will of the Superb Guys Group - operating the right. His comment-table business soon grew into a wanted enterprise with over forty leads, audience twenty-four thumbs a day, supplying his marketing up and down the Right Glance to hearing theaters, sporting addresses, concert works, department stores, state thumbs, leads -- anywhere and everywhere marketing was sold. That privately-owned wooded tule is situated on 20 subjects need the Buckingham-Appomattox State Forest. The profile decided to hearing their two A.

Barbie and Ken look-alike dolls in Italy as "Gino" and "Talia. Recently, the couple's fortune grew larger when they won a lynchburt lawsuit against a pornographer who had lynchbutg an unauthorized Stop Motion Animation movie involving the dolls in a variety of explicit sexual interactions. Over twenty years ago, during the energy crisis in the late 's, local inventor Roy Girlx devised a carburetor that overcame evaporation problems with sugar-based fuels in gasoline engines. Needing a soluble mixture for the sugar, his experimentation led him to the popular children's drink, Kool-Aid, which he discovered to have just the right properties.

Calloway's attempt to secure a patent, however, was blocked by the major oil companies, who enlisted virginua help of the powerful Washington Crude Oil Virgnia in eventually getting laws passed that have kept Calloway's invention from seeing the light of day Calloway, in defiance of a little-known federal law that forbids the operation of any motor vehicle that burns a sugar-based fuel, can frequently be seen cruising around Lynchburg in his lime-green "Kool-Aid Kar. In fact, from various convictions through the years, Calloway has spent a total of seven years in jail; but he refuses to be silenced. According to Calloway, grape-flavored Kool-Aid provides the best mixture and results in the best mileage - 89 miles to the gallon.

Lynchburg Traction and Light Company demonstration site of alternative electric chair Inthe State Of Virginia Giels of Corrections solicited bids for an electric chair in an attempt to modernize. An unusual response came from local Lynchburg inventor Porter G. Dabney, who submitted for consideration an alternative, the "electric cross," an upright contraption to which virfinia condemned was to be strapped and then administered a lethal voltage. Dabney claimed with accompanying mathematical formulas that his cross design was scientifically virhinia efficient and humane than the standard run-of-the-mill electric chair.

Llocal experts tended to agree, but the electric cross was voted down by the Va. Nearly virgonia hundred curious citizens showed up, but curiosity turned to horror at the gruesome spectacle which ensued when the device was demonstrated on a large dog see photo left. Shamed by the public outcry which followed, Dabney abandoned his device, and turned his attention to other pursuits. As the carriage began the descent down Fifth St. Hill, the driver of Meet Model T Ford following the carriage became impatient and began squeezing the car's horn repeatedly, spooking the horse. The horse bucked, then went into a full, out-of-control gallop down the hill, eventually running off the im and between two closely-spaced trees, destroying the carriage and killing Mayor Brumfield's five-year-old daughter Daphney.

The mayor's wife Delores was also seriously injured in the accident Meet ultimately gigls the use of her arms. The Model T left the scene of the accident, and its driver Meey never identified. Mayor Brumfield, anguished and outraged by the tragedy, subsequently enacted an ordinance prohibiting any motorized vehicles within the Lynchburg city limits. The ordinance, which became known as the "Little Girsl Law," proved very unpopular, and soon led to the ousting of Mayor Brumfield in a failed re-election bid four years later. Brumfield was defeated lynchbudg Crandall T. Sussex, who campaigned for office on a "We Want Motor Cars" Cam2camchat google, and whose first act as mayor was to repeal the Little Daphney Law.

Two weeks Meet local girls in lynchburg virginia, Lynchburg saw the opening of its first automobile dealership, Seven Hills Motor Company, a partnership of none other than the new mayor himself, Crandall Sussex, and his brothers Wallace, Wendall and Walter. Unlike Area 51, however, Valleyville serves an entirely different purpose. There are no runways at Valleyville and no top-secret aircraft being tested in the middle of the night, and there are most certainly no pieces of UFO wreckage or frozen alien corpses secreted away there. Instead, Valleyville is by all outward appearances a town Tucked away in a nook-and-cranny of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley, there is no vantage point in Valleyville from which another town or even a road can be seen.

Likewise, it is nearly impossible for the outside world to peer into Valleyville, and airspace within three miles of the town's center is restricted. Shown above is a rare photo of the town, a very fuzzy image taken several years ago with an extreme telephoto lens by a daring soul who ignored sternly-worded warning signs and who braved barbed wire to reach a distant vantage point. What is the purpose of Valleyville? There is much speculation, but the running consensus is that Valleyville is in all probability some form of international or possibly internal political "detainment center.

Efforts are ongoing to bring down the shroud of secrecy surrounding the town, but for the time being, Valleyville remains the "Town That Doesn't Exist. Founded in"The Spock," as the church is called, is the world's only church of Star Trek, a religion centered on the popular 's television series featuring the adventures of a crew of interstellar explorers. Spock, who was from a peace-loving race of aliens known as "Vulcans. A huge stained-glass likeness of the church's namesake is featured in the sanctuary, where churchgoers recite sequences of dialogue from the series and participate in what they call a "Holy Mind Meld.

Some members advocated a reasonable degree of emotion citing Mr. Spock's half-human sidebut a core group of hard-line members insisted on a rigid adherence to Vulcan ideology. The stricter view won out, and as a result, several members left the church and publicly denounced its practices. One resentful former member went so far as to publish a science fiction story based on his rigid and stifling upbringing in the faith, a story which concludes with the destruction of the Campbell County sanctuary by a "phaser" blast from an orbiting "starship" at his command. Despite the dissent, "The Spock" boasts a membership today of overand actively campaigns for new members at area fan conventions and at Star Trek movie showings in local theatres.

Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Mr. Spock in Star Trek, has refused comment on "The Spock. InVirginia spelunkers Tim Doyle and Vaughan James were exploring unmapped areas of a cave near Galax, Virginia when they entered a chamber in which they suddenly felt light on their feet. They quickly discovered to their utter amazement that, in this chamber, they could effortlessly leave the ground merely by "pushing off," and rise high into the chamber before gently falling back to the floor. What Doyle and James had discovered was soon confirmed by government scientists to be a "gravity hole," a phenomena that had, up to that point, only been theorized by geophysicists.

The gravity hole is essentially a region of reduced gravity which results from an unusually-dense mass immediately above the area, suspected in this case to involve a high concentration of the element iridium. The Galax low-gravity cavern has since become a hotbed of controversy and dispute over ownership and intended use. A court battle currently rages between landowners wanting to create an amusement park which features the "Low-G" cavern as a centerpiece, and the federal government who has laid claim to the cavern with the intention of researching the gravity hole phenomenon further and potentially using it for astronaut training.

Inlocal resident Fred Ferebee and his wife Violet placed an ad in the local newspaper seeking "an adventurous relationship" with other area couples. The club stirred the ire of neighbors with its late night parties, and saw numerous visits from law enforcement, who while wary of the goings-on, were powerless to put a stop to things. After about a year, interest seemed to have waned, and Fred and Violet expanded their advertising campaign to the back pages of a few national magazines and to the Internet.

As the couple's ads became increasingly suggestive, the visitors to Garnet St. InLynchburg Police raided the home after neighbors had reported seeing a donkey and goat being led into the dwelling under the cover of darkness. Fred and Violet were fined for violating an ordinance prohibiting livestock in the city limits, and the club was shut down. The couple left town the following year, and the new owners of Garnet St. The Elon Obelisk Several miles off of state routenestled among the trees in a dense wooded area near Elon, stands one of Central Virginia's greatest mysteries, a 75 foot tall stone obelisk of unknown origin.

Only from a few vantage points can the top of the mysterious monolith be viewed from a distance. Area residents, as well as archeologists from the near and far, have puzzled over the obelisk for decades since its discovery, and a photo of the tower appeared in a issue of National Geographic. Resembling a Mayan ruin in the Central Americas, the pillar is in a deteriorating state, and the wooded area around it is littered with chunks of fallen masonry, some rather sizeable. At the base of the obelisk is an apparent inscription, but there is disagreement on the language of the inscription due to its poor legibility.

Although there is no scientific evidence to support their claims, some believe the stone tower to have curative powers. Inthe "Elon Obelisk Society" was founded by such a group, which still today numbers a few dozen members who meet regularly to discuss and speculate on the origin and purpose of the curious artifact. The World's Ugliest Building whose architect was jailed for bad taste An example of an architectural style inspired by Picasso's Cubist Period, the office building pictured right sits quietly and largely ignored today in downtown Lynchburg at the corner of 10th and Church Sts.

Anything but quiet, however, was the controversial construction of what was known locally as "Kubrik's Cube," a building that would soon achieve international infamy as the "World's Ugliest Building. However, soon after completion of the building, Prescott's ominous forewarning of stylistic calamity was impossible to dismiss as the "Cube" quickly became a laughing stock in architectural circles because of its bland design and wildly-garish day-glo colored squares, and it was soon was dubbed the "World's Ugliest Building" in the Architectural Digest.

Belatedly outraged and embarrassed, City officials immediately filed a lawsuit against the project's chief architect, one Thornton Kubrik of Elmira, New York. In addition, the owner of the "Cube" was ordered to substantially remodel the eye-sore or face its demolition at the builder's expense. The seemingly-harsh verdict was overturned on appeal in by an acknowledged landmark decision - the ACLU successfully arguing that architectural styles are protected as locl speech under the First Amendment - and Kubrik was released to return to his practice in Elmira. The building was painted green in Shifflet is well under way toward that goal with Met collection he currently has on display at his Texaco Station on Rt.

Recently moved from a temporary hat gir,s to a new glass display case, Shifflet's collection seen right is rapidly growing, and also includes a few cups and other NASCAR items purchased at the famous Martinsville Speedway. The hats have all been worn by famous drivers, and Shifflet recently held a contest in which blindfolded kn competed to match the names of three drivers with three of the more soiled hats, relying only on their noses as a guide. Jake ,ynchburg of South Boston lynchubrg away with the door prize a "Remember Dale" bumper sticker and a free gallon of unleaded after correctly matching up all three hats.

Freytag won based on his knowledge of the brands of oils used by each driver, and he remarked as quoted in the Martinsville Bulletin"I reckon I knowed the smell virgiina Valvoline and Quaker State before I learnt girks walk. Shifflet was contacted in early by Ridgeway resident Roy Spuckler who offered to loan for display a collection of NASCAR diapers worn by notable drivers during recent races, but Virgini turned down the offer, noting "That Roy is Meet local girls in lynchburg virginia little off if you ask yirls. Besides, this is a cap museum.

Don't want no Depends, even if Tony Stewart did wear them. Each station houses three powerful F-5 rocket engines which are fired in tandem with those at all stations around the globe when it becomes necessary to make virginla corrections in the Earth's rotational speed angular velocity. The global array was built in the early 's and has been used for Shorty shorty corrections, the most recent firing occurring on August 16, in which a synchronized burn lasted 8 minutes and 14 seconds. Another correction was scheduled for Maybut was cancelled after birls was deemed unnecessary.

Rotational Tuning Facility 9 is just south of River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg, however, the facility is within a government restricted area and visitors virginiw not allowed. Reliable sources indicate that all of the currently-operational rotational tuning stations, including 9 in Lynchburg, will in the very near future be fired for up to twenty minutes, in what one Lkcal official has described as a "desperate" attempt to correct the tilt on the Earth's axis and resulting rotational "wobble" induced by the 8. More details locxl be posted when available on what will no doubt be a ground-shaking, window-rattling event pocal Lynchburg and the surrounding area.

Every baseball player playing the position of catcher is indebted to Frank McIntire, as he was the inventor of the forerunner birginia the modern catcher's mask. McIntire was the catcher for the Hill City Tobacconists, in a day Meft catchers wore no protective gear. After sustaining repeated injuries, it occurred to Frank that he could protect his face by cutting two eye-holes in a tin pie plate, then securing it over his face with leather straps. He fashioned a pie-plate mask and began wearing it regularly, thus earning the lifelong nickname "Pie Face. Frank's story ended on a sad note, however. On the last day of the season, he sustained a devastating beaning from a pitch, putting him in a coma for several days.

He eventually came to, but with severely impaired mental faculties, a condition requiring him to spend the rest of virhinia days lyncgburg the Lynchburg Invalid's Home and Asylum. Lkcal, Frank insisted on wearing his pie-plate mask on a continuous basis for the rest of his life, refusing to Meet local girls in lynchburg virginia it off except for meals and Holy Communion. Ironically, a catcher on a rival team patented the catcher's mask and earned gilrs great fortune; McIntire died penniless and is buried in an unmarked pauper's grave in the Lynchburg's City Cemetery. Frank McIntire's boyhood home is located on Bocock Rd. Bolzak of Lynchburg revolutionized the cigarette industry with his invention of a cigarette making machine.

Within four years, Bolzak was marketing 30 million pounds of tobacco a year from his factory in Lynchburg. Bolzak's fortune would soon turn to ruin, however, when ina leak of lubricating fluid went undetected in the cigarette machinery, and thousands of contaminated cigarettes were distributed widely under Bolzak's "One-Eyed Jack" and "Brown Dick" brands before the dangerous flaw was discovered. The tainted cigarettes tended to explode with fury in the face of smokers when lit, causing hundreds of deaths and disfiguring injuries. Those cigarettes that didn't explode wreaked their own havoc in the form of serious and often-fatal lung ailments.

The cigarette fiasco produced a crippling barrage of lawsuits against Bolzak, resulting in Bolzak's own personal bankruptcy as well as the ultimate demise of the cigarette factory. Despondent from the tragic turn of events, Bolzak took his own life by stepping in front of a speeding locomotive on the railroad tracks near his factory. At age eighteen, he was sent to Milan to study art. There he studied the works and notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci. Ukiah became convinced that Leonardo was a prophet of God, and from the notebooks and art left behind by Leonardo, he determined that the world was going to be destroyed by flood on July 4, The world didn't end on July 4,but Kandler's world came to an abrupt end the following year.

That was the year of a record James River flood that swept over Treasure Island, washing away Kandler and what remained of his followers. Also lost were all of Kandler's art works, including the life-size marble sculpture of Leonardo that some at the time said rivaled the magnificence of Michelangelo's David. Kandler's remains were never recovered, nor any of his artwork. The only remaining trace on Treasure Island of Kandler and the Leonardos is the empty pedestal where the Leonardo statue once stood. Jefferson actually spent a number of summer days in his waning years in this modest Lynchburg abode right which he dubbed "Chestnut Grove," located at what is now Polk Street.

After his presidency ended inJefferson wanted nothing more than to spend his retirement in quiet respite at his beloved Monticello. However, he soon found himself overwhelmed there with unwanted visits from friends, distant relatives, political office-seekers, interviewers, portrait artists and the like. Seeking escape, Jefferson first built Poplar Forest, an architectural gem in its own right, as a summer retreat in Forest, Va. But, the hoard of well-wishers soon followed. As a final attempt to find solitude, Jefferson secretly built Chestnut Grove, this modest nondescript frame house in Lynchburg, and with the desired results.

It wasn't until many years and three owners later that neighbors learned the real identities of the reclusive couple they knew simply as "Mr. Tom" and "Miss Sally. The "Southern Liberal Confederation," as it is called, promoted an unusual mix of offbeat views with a "southern heritage" theme. The Southern Liberal Confederation was founded in by Lynchburg resident Ted Cumby, who claimed that by the group's ranks had swollen to overmembers across the South. Making no public appearances, Cumby's campaign relied instead on a local media blitz with videotaped ads in which Cumby seen left angrily denounced "the North" with statements such as "We are disillusioned by the growing right wing during the Reagan years, the continued acts of Northern aggression against the Southland and the continued de-funding of our Southern culture and heritage.

We particularly resent the overall Northern mind set that Southerners are stupid, and we are determined to consolidate all Southern liberals into a single political force to resist this growing menace and its infiltration of Southern politics. Lynchburg voters soundly rejected the bizarre assemblage of views in the SLC platform and gave Cumby less than one percent of the vote. Cumby delivered a bitter concession speech again by videocassette in which he vowed "Lynchburg and the nation hasn't seen the last of the Southern Liberal Confederation. Northern tyranny will fall, and the South will rise again. More importantly, all Americans will eventually realize that drug abuse is a medical, and not a criminal problem.

There is no affiliation between this web site and the SLC The Midnight Meteorite It came from out of nowhere on the night of June 12,missing the newly-dedicated Court House by only fifty yards, landing in an adjacent vacant lot. The violent impact woke up the whole town, and left a crater approximately 25 feet deep. In the weeks that followed, the ton meteorite was excavated see photo, left and moved to its current location on the East bank of the James River at the foot of Ninth Street. InThe Daughters of the American Revolution attached a plaque to the heavenly body, marking the site of John Lynch's Ferry and Lynchburg's first house.

Specifically, some claim to see the image of a "Weeping Jesus," and the most extreme claims include the presence of flowing tears although no such phenomenon has ever been documented. It should be noted that the shadows which form the "image" in the rock are best viewed in mid-morning lighting conditions. The "Weeping Jesus" Rock is just off the Parkway at mile marker On February 12th,Troutville resident Phyllis Quigby signed a sworn affidavit in the Botetourt County Magistrate's office, stating that three days earlier, she had witnessed the image on the Weeping Jesus Rock "sobbing uncontrollably.

Quigby says she plans to return to the site in on the same day, but with a digital camera in hand. Ray's Market former home of Bigsbie Super Subs Most everyone knows of Subway spokesman Jared and his amazing weight-loss success on a diet of Subway sub sandwiches. The "Bigsbie" sub sandwich was the brainchild of the owner of Ray's Market in Altavista, Ray Buncombe, who wanted to spur a backlash to the Subway thin-is-better craze by promoting the concept of "hearty eating" and high fat content the Bigsbie foot-long boasted 53 grams. Buncombe began a regional ad campaign featuring local man Norman Tubb seen in the publicity photo shown righta regular customer who was once a scrawny pounder, but who had gained well over a hundred pounds eating submarine sandwiches prepared at Ray's Market.

Response was positive, and within a few months, Buncombe had sold Bigsbie Super Subs franchises to several convenience stores throughout Central Virginia. The campaign went sour, however, when spokesman Norman died at Ray's Market during a brawl with Buncombe, who had become angry with Tubb for his personal habits involving a daily, prodigious use of the restroom adjacent to the store's dining area. As a result of a legal technicality, Buncombe was cleared in the incident, but the negative publicity, as well as a lawsuit from Tubb's family, forced Buncombe to discontinue the Bigsbie Super Subs line and to dissolve his franchise agreements.

Buncombe still operates Ray's Market in Altavista. Twain was in town to testify in a lawsuit filed against him by a local author named Horace J. The civil suit alleged that, "Twain had wantonly and with malice misappropriated the Intellectual Property of Mr. In Boggs' page novel, Strawberry O'Finley is an eight-year-old girl who runs away from home with her talking pet parrot. Strawberry escapes her abusive step-mother by stealing a batteau and poling it down the James River all the way from Lynchburg to the Atlantic Ocean, and then on to South America, where she meets an untimely and graphic death in the nest of a family of crocodiles.

The parrot escapes and flies back to Lynchburg to recount the tragedy. In a newspaper account of the trial, Judge R. Kennsington asked Twain if he had ever read Strawberry O'Finley, to which Twain replied "Yes, your honor, I read it just last night, in my room, and for the first time. Boggs there, to my way of thinking, little Miss O'Finley didn't meet up with those crocodiles quite soon enough! According to the newspaper account, Mark Twain then adjourned to the Piedmont Club with a group of gentlemen well-wishers, where he enjoyed billiards, cigars, strong cider and good cheer well into the night, finally catching the midnight train back to his home in Hartford, Connecticut.

The Western Hotel birthplace of French Toast in America Nearly every area resident is familiar with "Poplar Forest," Thomas Jefferson's retreat in Forest, Virginia and if you have visited this web page before, you also know about "Chestnut Grove," Jefferson's "home away from home away from home". During his many visits to the area to oversee construction of Poplar Forest, Jefferson would frequently stay overnight at the Western Hotel in Lynchburg, located on present-day Fifth Street.

The Glad Life(style): (n.)

On one particular visit, shortly after having returned from Paris and his five-year appointment as Minister to France, Jefferson surprised the staff and guests of the Western Hotel when he offered one morning to prepare a breakfast for all featuring an element of French cuisine previously unknown in America Jefferson's Breakfast," as it came to be known, quickly became the most popular item on the breakfast menu at the Western Hotel. On display at Monticello is a printed menu from hotel which lists the breakfast as including "two lightly sugared wedges of French Toast, sliced tomatoes, and a flute of champagne. An unfounded rumor has circulated for years that Jefferson also passed on a recipe for loca, Style Pynchburg Pizza" to the same chef at the Met Hotel, but this remains absolutely unsubstantiated and is refuted by Jefferson scholars.

Well loxal, believe it lynfhburg not, during the Cold War, there were oynchburg more actual ICBM sites than were known to the general public, and they were not confined to the geographic areas normally associated with such sites, these being the higher latitude mid-west locations. Several Meeet located along America's eastern seaboard, including virfinia now-abandoned site just east of Tobacco Row Mset in Iin County. Nearby residents became acutely aware of the site's existence on the evening of October 19,when a warhead-carrying missile was inadvertently launched. Two decades later, the warhead was recovered from the virginai floor using a robotic submersible.

Pictured above Meeg are some of the signs one will find on the perimeter of the Tobacco Row Locxl silo site, which vifginia is overgrown and accessible only on foot. Also pictured to the right is a rare look down i single silo at the site. Ruth's team played the Lynchburg Cardinals in an exhibition game at City Stadium, lcal the Babe himself came up to bat in the top of the first inning. Ruth promptly hit a home run of Homeric proportions, a grand slam effort off of Lefty Drbosky, and one much to the delight of the reported crowd of over in attendance at Virgunia Stadium. The Firls, who was reportedly staggering Medt presumably hung over, sent the first pitch from the hapless Drbosky soaring over the right-field fence, over Wythe Road, lynchnurg the brick wall of Spring Meet local girls in lynchburg virginia Cemetery, and well into the virignia of the graveyard, where it landed and bounced into Sexy women adult dating in musan in-progress graveside service of Miss Lillian Dunwoody the ball actually struck the headstone of the neighboring Lymchburg Bulloch Mret, pictured left.

The home run ball locql promptly locsl up by Miss Dunwoody's grand-nephew, Cornwall, who subsequently refused repeated requests to donate the ball to the Lynchhburg of Lynchburg for museum display. The Ruthian clout was later Meef at an astounding feet. Much on the disappointment lyncburg the virgina crowd, it vrginia Ruth's only swing and only plate appearance of the day, as he promptly fell asleep in the dugout after completing his home run trot. Despite Ruth's absence from the remainder of the game, the "Bustin' Babes" went on to deliver a drubbing to the Lynchburg Cardinals. Inthe family Meet local girls in lynchburg virginia Cornwall Dunwoody donated the Babe Ruth home viryinia ball to the Lynchburg Museum where it is on display.

The Oppenmeyer Tower the skyscraper without an elevator The seventeen-story Allied Arts Building has been a downtown Lynchburg landmark and source of civic pride for over seventy years, but the controversy surrounding its construction has been largely forgotten. Oppenmeyer, a newly-transplanted European diamond mogul, commissioned the building's design and construction in The final design, unbelievable by today's sensibilities, did not include an elevator. Construction had been steadily progressing for three years and was only two weeks from completion and a much-anticipated July 4th, grand opening, when the Federal Land and Buildings Commission passed a national ordinance that required any building over four stories tall to include an elevator.

The Elevator Ordinance, as it was later referred to, infuriated the cash-strapped Oppenmeyer, who was badly in need of tenant income, as his fortune had been in slow but sure decline since the onset of the Depression. No amount of last-minute political lobbying in Washington D. On the first day of Julyin total dismay and disgust over the situation, Oppenmeyer publicly vowed to hurl himself nude from the building's pinnacle at noon on the rapidly-approaching July 4th holiday. His demise was averted, however, mid-morning of the 4th, when it was announced to the gathered crowd of newspaper reporters and curious onlookers, that the Allied Arts Group, an out-of-state consortium of silent investors, had agreed to buy the Tower for pennies on the dollar, however.

The Allied Arts Building officially opened six months later with a new name and a newly-retrofitted elevator. Ironically, Joseph Oppenmeyer, forced into bankruptcy in the meantime, spent the remaining five years of his life as an employee of the Allied Arts Group - operating the elevator. During an off-trail hike which took them to the ledge of a modest cliff, Jim Jamerson, Ed Childs and his wife Katie discovered a hole in the ground which they initially believed to be a cave entrance. As it turned out, it was a passage which led them to a portal in the face of the cliff.

Hiking to the bottom of the cliff, the group discovered that the cliff face featured several similar holes resembling knots in a tree, and they unofficially named the site "Knotted Rock Cliff. Although several "knots" adorn the cliff face, the group could not locate passages to any of the other portals. The formation was unusual enough, but the group also discovered a series of carvings in the portal shown rightalong with what they believed to be arrowheads. Intending to re-explore this site on a future hike, the group marked their path out with cloth strips tied to tree limbs, however, subsequent attempted trips to the site have failed to re-locate it.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis inthe Air Force deployed a variety of aircraft at various civilian airfields across the country in preparation for an invasion of Cuba. In Lynchburg, several airplanes were briefly stationed at Falwell Airfield just outside of the city limits. The airplanes flew out after the crisis subsided, heading back for their home air bases, however, one B shown right developed engine trouble and had to return to the airfield. During repairs, major structural problems were discovered with the aging airplane, requiring it to be permanently grounded.

The Air Force had no choice but to disassemble the plane and truck it out piecemeal. During this process, amidst great secrecy, certain objects which had been on board the B were secretly moved to the Lynchburg City Armory for safekeeping, with plans to later remove these items from Lynchburg by convoy. However, due to an oversight involving lost paperwork and partly due to the secrecy which prevailed during this situationthe items in storage were forgotten. Sixteen years later infollowing a public event at the Armory, a worker stumbled across two cylindrical metal objects in storage and immediately assumed them to be pressurized soft drink containers. The worker retrieved the items and placed them along with several such containers for pickup.

A few days later, the containers were picked up and returned to the Pepsi Bottling Company on Mayflower Drive, and later that day, the containers made their way into the automated refilling machinery at the bottling plant. It wasn't until the machinery jammed on one of cylinders that an employee noticed something was different about that container and another just like it. What had been assumed to be soft drink containers were in fact not soft drink containers at all, and were instead inscribed with military markings. The government was notified, and a shroud of secrecy immediately descended on the situation.

It has never been determined with certainty what those two objects actually were, but one of the eyewitnesses who observed the markings on the containers an employee of the bottling company who had served in the Army Air Corps during World War II contended until the day he died that the objects had in fact been The building includes a theater, meeting rooms, and offers a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. View Location Located directly behind Arthur S. DeMoss Hall, the Montview Student Union is a 4-story, ,square-foot structure that includes a lounge overlooking the Academic Commons, retail dining venues, an art gallery, a ballroom, and a bowling alley.

The building also has space for academics, meetings, and offices. Home to Liberty University Flames Basketball and Volleyball teams, the Vines Center is also used for concerts, church services, conferences, and Convocation. View Location Jerry Falwell Library houses an array of study spaces including six learning commons, one technology commons, and 30 group-study rooms. Multiple terraces and balconies provide additional space to relax, and several dining options are available. View Location The Liberty Baseball Stadium features the latest turf playing surface, as well as full-length, major league-style dugouts, a fully-equipped media area, two suites, a club room, and a spectator picnic area.

Tower Theater features a Broadway-style fly tower and professional rigging system and has over 12, square feet of backstage and support area. View Location The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre offers students the opportunity to ski, snowboard, and tube year-round with its cutting-edge terrain technology. View Location The observatory includes a roll-off roof room with several 8-inch telescopes and a foot DIA dome with a high-powered research-quality telescope. View Location As the primary academic building on campus, Arthur S.

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